Monday, October 27, 2008

Revenge IS not only sweet, it was necessary for my self-esteem and to teach this guy he can't two-time me and get away with it.

Being a single mom, I cherished my one kid-free weekend each month when my two sons went to visit their father. On one particular weekend, I made BIG plans with the guy I was dating. Baked homemade bread. Pie. Shrimp, salad and wine (which really cut into the small budget I lived on) RARELY did I go to such extravagance, but I really wanted this weekend to be special, with my special guy. "Yes, I'll be there," he promised over several phone calls.

I waited. And waited some more. He didn't show up. Then I recalled him talking about a "lady friend" who would be visiting from Seattle. To protect their identities, I'll call him Nick and her Jesse for the rest of the story. I called him.

"Hello Nick. You were supposed to be here for dinner. I've made blah blah blah."

He replied, "Oh, I forgot. I'm really sorry."

ME: Is that woman from Seattle there with you?"

HIM: "Yes. I'm really sorry." I hung up on him. But that wasn't good enough. Enraged, I got in the car and DROVE to his house. The bedroom light was on. I went to the garage and got his step ladder, sat it under the window and climbed up. My heart was in my throat. They were laying on the bed. His shirt was off. She was giving him a massage as they were talking. My hurt turned into a territorial boldness.

The window was open, so I leaned in and said, "Is this a private conversation, or can anyone join in?"

He jumped up: "Oh, hi Sara."

ME: "Hello Nick."

HIM: "Sara this is Jesse. Jesse, Sara. Would you like to come in?"

ME: "No, I'd rather watch." He disappeared into the house, and met me at the garage as I was returning the ladder. After a few words expressing my hurt, he said he'd take her home, and I said I'd give him 10 minutes to get to my apartment or we were through. He was there.

Yes, we eventually broke it off and went separate ways. But he never stood me up again... that I know of.

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