Monday, October 20, 2008


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Anonymous said...

Every time i make a snide comment without looking directly at you i can tell, even though i can't bring myself to look at you, that it breaks you a bit more.
Good. I know you deny to yourself that the vague nature of the comments means that i didn't direct them at you.
You're wrong. And every time i see the hurt look on your face when i reject a hug as you try and pretend everything is ok, i like the idea that you might be hurting somewhere near as much as you hurt me.

Anonymous said...

For months you cheated on me with your assistant. You did apologize and you did regret ; I know that.
You made me feel like c...t and I couldn't recover since.
Until 2 days ago ; I did cheat on you with a perfect stranger ; he did explore every inch of me and you know what ?
I didn't miss any second of pleasure !!!!!
Sweet revenge ; no I will make sure you will never know because that revenge is just for me !!!!!
Screw you !!!!!

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend left me for a married woman. So I created a fake Facebook account and sent a message to her husband telling him ALL about it. Feels great to think about the trouble this will cause.