Sunday, June 6, 2010

Posting a sex ad on craigslist with your number had to be one the the funniest things ever,

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Anonymous said...

My Sweetest Revenge Ever
You did cheat on me , thinking I wouldn't know about it. You broke my heart so badly I couldn't breathe for months ; you let me down and it almost killed me. You did come back full of regrets and remorse.
I did take you back but couldn't forgive you.
So I didn't get mad anymore , I got even.
I went on CL and picked a guy ; we met downtown, had diner, nice conversation. I followed him in his hotel room, and we had crazy sex ; first time I cheated on you; because of you cheating on me ; first time in a long time I could let go and start to finding me back
He said he liked my sexy body , had a great time and wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
You thought that having sex with your assistant and taking her to all our favorite places was worth it?
Guess what : giving my body and soul to a perfect stranger was the price you paid for it without even knowing about it ; I'll make sure to drop some hints to make you doubt about me cheating on you.
And you know what else ? Since you cheated on me for almost a year , I just open to my stranger lover a long line of credit.
A chinese proverb says : when your seek revenge , you should dig 2 graves.
I am just curious to watch who you will be buried with you .... Surely it won't be ME !!!!!!